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Halloween Story–A Tale of Desperation and Hope

Note: I wrote this 3 Halloween’s ago. I’ve been so busy writing the book that I haven’t had time to do a new blog post. Still, I thought someone out there might find this helpful. Peace. They totted up onto the front porch, out of breath in the cold air, each of them looking up…

Tis a Gift to Be Simple, Tis A Gift to Be Free, Tis A Gift to Come Down Where We Ought To Be

I am lucky, I think. The things I love are simple. But simplicity is hard to come by for those in my line of work. In fact, the name of my practice area, “complex commercial litigation,” says it all. It isn’t simple by definition– if it were we couldn’t charge so darn much for it….

The NCAA Tournament– My crush

On March 20 in Dayton, Ohio the Alma Mater of three generations of my family, Morehead State University, played the arch nemesis of everyone in my family, the University of Louisville Cardinals, in the first round of the NCAA tournament. It was a storied moment, a sixteen seed, MSU, coached by former Eagles player Donnie…